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Trends for Fashion

trends for fashion

Photo Courtesy of “Wonderful Time” (CC BY 2.0) by  Robert Bejil Productions

Let Go. Get With It. Time For A New Fashion(able) You.

Time has a way of gathering dust when it comes to how we dress and think we know what looks good as we age. It’s time to let go of the same style you have worn since your high school boyfriend was cool because he the “jerk”. That means step away from the hairspray and what you think has made you look good since high school. Yes, I know old habits die hard. But nothing dates you like wearing the same trends that were fresh and new during the “best years of your life.” It is time for a new fashion. A new fashionable you.

New Fashion In 2012

While vintage fashion has its place and time, it doesn’t fit in your everyday style. It’s time you try something new. New fashion! If you are one of those that has always been afraid of color, run DON’T walk, to try on something bright and eye-catching. A scarf or camisole that could put a spark in an otherwise drab ensemble is a great first step. Always remember to jazz up your look with accessories. A chunky bangle for the arm or jeweled earrings or dangling loops will draw attention to that smile you should wear more often. It’s the details that matter.

To make room for the new you must purge the old!

Clean out those closets and make a tidy donation to Goodwill.

Look through recent fashion magazines to get ideas. Tear a few pages out of what looks good to you. and go shopping. Try on various styles that you would previously never consider wearing. You may surprise yourself with what now makes you feel good and actually may take years off your perceived age.

Have fun reinventing who you currently are instead of staying who you use to be.

Need Some Help Find A New Fashion?

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