Trina Turk Women’s Raissa Jersey Halter Jumpsuit

Okay I can hear you shouting through your computer at me already but listen up ladies – the jumpsuit is back and better than EVER!! I’m so tired of having to always choose between dress pants and blouse or dress for a date night or party event.
Oh but back up the truck!! NOW it’s perfectly fine to select a classy jumpsuit that is sexy enough for even those cocktail parties you KNOW you are going to go to this holiday season.
This slinky black halter version is so comfy that you will want to wear yours to bed :)

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Kensie Jeans Women’s Denim Pencil Midi Skirt

There is always an occasion or a “go to” look for those times when you have no clue what to wear and the denim pencil skirt is just that wardrobe essential we need. I’ve had many over the years and this one is the best feeling, fitting, and flattering I have found.

It has a fit that hugs yet doesn’t grip you like a vice and you pray for dear life because it has just enough spandex added to the cotton content to give you a flexible, comfy feel.

It flatters all body types and you can pair it up with a turtleneck sweater and boots for a winter date night or slip on a lacey halter top and flats for a summer picnic or day of shopping. Just perfect for everything you need to do!!

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St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

I normally despise self tanning and choose to cover up all my pale skin as the summer months crawl passed me but this summer I headed out to the beach and didn’t want to blind anybody with the whiteness of my legs. After doing my due diligence and trial and error (mostly error) through various products and methods in order to acquire that “natural glowing bronze” color I finally found the perfect one.St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

It’s the St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse! It’s light and goes on as like that of a weightless feather (opt for the mitt to make sure you get it on with no streaks or blotches). The color is so natural and doesn’t clash with your skin tone that may peek through a more revealing bikini.

So go ahead and dare to bare with this amazing and versatile bronzer mousse for the summer fun activities (and even in winter now that I know it exists and I don’t need to shy away from my strapless dresses around the holiday party time).

st tropez tan instyle


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How many of you are a year older but don’t want to look it?? My hand is high and waving on this one for sure LOL! One product line I have fallen in love with that truly battles the aging process (as much as a topical product can) is the StriVectin line of tightening products. Believe me I have tried hundreds of dollars worth of creams, serums, peels, and brighteners. This has been a mostly fruitless adventure with frustrations deep in every jar and tube.

I finally discovered this line a few months ago and it honestly is the only one that has shown me any positive results and actually does what it says it does. My skin feels smoother, less tired, more plumper around the eyes and simply in general just makes me look the best I can at MY age. Isn’t that REALLY what we want the most? Just to look great at the age we are and not to look 20 again. Come on girls you know that’s not possible.

You should definitely should try this for yourselves and reap the rewards of finally buying a product that really helps your skin and isn’t going to break your bank at the same time.

WooHoo!! Let the smoother skin begin!!

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Sakkas Womens Vintage Style Wool Cloche Bucket Winter Hat with Satin Flower

Ever have a bad hair day ladies? Well, fear no more those days now that you can have this beautiful hat to wear that goes with absolutely everything in your closet. Love the versatility and how cute it makes me look as I stroll in my new jeans and sweater or my new sporty jacket and capris.

All types of women can look terrific in this hat and I am a skeptic when it comes to putting anything on my head and stepping out my front door.

This is a classic style and the wool is soft and the construction is sturdy and built to last season after season.
The only frustrating question is which color to choose since they are all gorgeous!!! At this price though you can buy more than one thankfully!!

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Samsonite Luggage Aspire Sport Spinner 21 Expandable Bag

Traveling can be so tedious and frustrating but add to THAT a bulky piece of luggage that always has one non-working wheel or an extending handle that always seems to NOT want to extend and you have a nightmare in full technicolor!! Well, one aspect of traveling has now been solved and you can carry it on as well. It’s this perfect for wherever you go Samsonite Aspire Sport Spinner bag – LOVE IT!!! The price is so reasonable and you definitely get MORE than you pay for in piece of mind.

This time of year I always tend to go on weekend excursions to visit this friend or that family member and this bag just became my new best accessory. The extension handle is sturdy and smooth to operate, and I appreciated the well-placed convenience handles on sides and bottom when lifting up and down. Just took it on a major airline commercial flight and it fit perfectly overhead. Conforms to carry-on standards but tough enough to withstand baggage handlers and luggage conveyor belts if you decide to check it.
The red color is great for being able to spot it amongst the sea of black luggage too. Safe and happy traveling to you and cheers to a great choice in this bag – you will love it too!


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Bulova Women’s Bracelet Watch

Every now and then a woman has to seek out the very classic of accessories and that is this gorgeous Bulova Bracelet Watch. Timeless and so elegant this piece will match your entire wardrobe and lets everyone know what great taste you have without being garish or pretentious.

The white mother of pearl face shimmers and changes color as you swivel the bracelet on your wrist.
A watch is something I have always looked at as a take it or leave it accessory but as I have matured and realized how much these add to my collection I am hooked!!

If you don’t already have a classic like this to adorn your wrist make this the one you buy today because it’s a great price and you will have it to enjoy for many years to come.



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Diamond Infinity Pendant Necklace

What a gorgeous romantic pendant necklace and it’s priced so that we can all have one! Real diamonds embedded in white gold as the infinity hearts entwine and remind us that love is truly forever.

This is simply the most perfect gift for the lady in your life or for the sister or mother you want to show your love for. The chain is 18″ which is the best length for showing off the silk blouse or the black turtleneck sweater.

I like it too because it’s great with everything you wear..from jeans casual to little black dress cocktail party.
This will be the best gift I put under my tree for myself and for my best friend this year!!!



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BCBGeneration Women’s ‘Tobin’ Pump

Ladies Nude Pump to Wear Everywhere!

As many places we go and as fast as we need to get there wouldn’t be nice to have a “go to” show that we know would have us covered no matter what color, style, or occasion we were dressing for? Well look no further ladies because this pump fills the bill on all fronts (and backs lol). No it’s not so high as to cause your nose to bleed after 30 seconds of putting them on or a drastic pink lavender color that would only go with aunt Betty’s prom dress.

This comfy yet chic pump is nude to go with all your dresses, trousers, skirts, and jean colors and will be dressy enough or casual enough depending on your mood and accessories.

All this and under $100 out the door – now that’s something to tweet about am I right??

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